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Financial Planning

Getting started.

Phase 1: Introduction

Our objective is to determine if we’re a fit for each other. We will discuss your goals, what you’re looking for in a financial planner, and how the firm operates. If we decide to move forward, phase 2 will begin. If we’re not a fit for each other, I will offer to help find a financial planner best suited for you.

Common questions.

Who do you work with?

Although I work with people from various stages of life, I typically work with pre-retirees (less than 5 years from retirement) and retirees. I work with people who do not want the burden of creating and updating their financial plan and investments.

What services can I expect?

Everyone's financial plan is unique. Some areas we may cover include:


  • Investment management

  • Income planning

  • Estate review

  • Cash flow & debt management

  • Risk management

How are you compensated?

Aside from specific circumstances, my compensation is 1% of assets under management. The fee is debited from your account(s) quarterly.

I only receive one fee. I do not receive any commissions, insurance fees, annuity fees, mutual fund fees, or any other fees.

Where are my accounts held?

Your accounts are held at Charles Schwab.

Do you have a physical office?

No, I do not have a physical office. Anyone regardless of location may work with me. I utilize various technology platforms to make working virtually an efficient and enjoyable process.

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